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Oamaru Mail Interview Hayden Carlyon

Bagan Myanmar, 

30th Janurary 2013

Myanmar is a fascinating country and one of my favourite places in Asia. ...

We had heard the sunrise in Bagan could be relaly beautiful but ..

We rented a couple of rickety old bikes teh evening before and set off at around 5:15am.  We had no real idead where we were going and we watsed a lot of time going from temple to temple to try to find a decent spot to take a photo and watch teh sunrise.  Finally as the lsky began to light up we saw a large temple in teh distance taht would allow a veiw ...

We race the 1.5k or so and...

Just as we arrived and found i set up for a photo a series of ballons rose up out of teh mist and into view.  I was only expetcing to take photos of a nice sunrise over teh temples of Bagan, i was not expecting to have 8 ballons to help excentuate teh backdrop.

I couldnt take teh photos fast enough.  I know when t ehre isa good photo because somethong takes over me and i fall into a bit of a tracnce. Time stands still and nothing else exists but be and teh moment and and and almost obsessive desire to cpature it.  Its hard to describe, but when teh moment is just right and the light... it cpatures you and.. its as if you are in teh right place at teh right tiem.. everything has lined up in that mommet and you are an extentsion of the world around you almost as if you ar eteh universe looking back in on itslef. This for me was one of those moments.  In the 3hird phot in this seires the balloon lined up and i remeber sitting there feeling they were moving into postion and cretaing teh compostion for me.. all i had to do was wait.  

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