South America - Hayden Carlyon Photograhpy
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Uyuni, Bolivia: The Bolivian salt flats.
The Bolivian salt flats are a 12,000 square km of bright white expanse. In the summer though it rains enough that they are covered in water, sometimes more than a meter. It makes for an incredible reflection.

At one of the many stops on our 4x4 tour across the Salt Flats I managed to escape from the horde of tourists and capture this photo. I have no idea who this woman is or where she came from. She seemingly appeared from nowhere only allowing me the opportunity for just one shot; I lined it up and took the perfect photo of her just before she disappeared behind the crowd.
This is one of my favorite photos, it gives you a glimpse of the incredible beauty of the place.

This photo will be appearing at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC from July 2009 - January 2010

From Bolivia