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Hooked on Travel

Hayden Meikle & Hayden Carlyon, Published in The Oamaru Mail, New Zealand

The following is an interview that I did for the Oamaru Mail New Zealand. It was part of a "New Oamaru Mail series that catches up with former North Otago residents doing great or interesting things in other parts of the world".

I am living in Amsterdam & working as a Project Co-ordinator for a small Dutch NGO specializing in implementing development aid initiatives in transitioning countries. The most recent project I have been involved in is based in Somalia. The region has received massive media attention over the past decade, as fishermen have traded in their fishing nets for machine guns and ski masks and taken to the seas to pillage large cargo vessels passing through the Gulf of Eden on their way to... To read more click here

On the Road South of the Border

Written By Hayden Carlyon, Published by The Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

One 1995 Honda Accord, one kiwi (that would be me), a Brazilian and half a Lithuanian. Eighteen weeks on the road, 15 countries and over 20,000 miles. The perfect recipe for an incredible adventure.  

Have you ever been traveling along a highway and wanted to just keep on driving and see where the road took you? To leave all your troubles behind and watch as they shrink into a tiny black dot in your rear-view mirror? I desperately wanted a real travel experience, a palpable adventure in which I could lose myself. It was the summer of 2005 and I was passing through Austin, Texas, when I met Alex, a quiet, unassuming 29-year-old ...  To read more click here

The Endless Skies of the Bolivian Salt Flats

Written by Hayden Carlyon, Published by the Coloradoan, Fort Collins

Bolivia is a country full of surprises, both good and bad. After seriously considering crossing it off our list of countries to visit it ends up offering the biggest surprise of the trip so far and most beautiful sight I have ever seen, the Uyuni salt flats.

The altitude in Peru was starting to take its toll on the both of us as Alex and I made our way to the Bolivian border, high in the Andean Plateau. Before we left Austin Texas to start the long 10,000 mile drive South to Alex’s home town of Puerto Alegre, Brazil we weren’t sure if we would be stopping in Bolivia. With its long standing reputation for political instability and social unrest, Bolivia is well known for its volatile nature and a tendency for solving social problems with street riots... To read more click here

In Search of Iceland's Northern Lights

Written by Hayden Carlyon, Published at www.africaby2wd.com

I can’t think of a better place in the world for a winter getaway than the land of fire and ice. I know what you are thinking, who the hell would want to go to Iceland in the middle of winter? To be fair it was a little cold at times but for the most part the temperature stayed above freezing. But the incredibly clean air, crystal clear fresh water lakes, friendly people, stunning snow capped mountains...

Unfortunately, the day before we arrived the entire government had collapsed, amidst pressure and public protest from the local Icelandic people for an immediate change in government. The president and several of his cohorts were politely forced to resign as a result of their inadequacies and inability to run a country whose economy had rapidly been disappearing down the toilet... To read more click here

Some Advice when Driving to South America

Written by Hayden Carlyon, Published at www.austintoargentina.travellerspoint.com

The following is a general information blog for those of you who are considering taking the plunge and driving from North America to South America. My friend and I recently drove from Austin Texas to Argentina. We were on the road from October 21st 2007 to March the 10th 2008, during which time we drove through most of the countries in Central and South America.

General Thoughts: We were both really nervous before we left but we found that preparation and good information is the key to making the most of the trip and keeping yourself safe. There are loads of great websites on the internet, so do the research before you leave home and... To read more click here

Austin to Argentina Road Trip Highlights

Written by Hayden Carlyon, Published at www.austintoargentina.travellerspoint.com

Mexico:  My favorite spot in Mexico was Puerto Escondido. A busy little surf beach on the southern west coast with a good selection of accommodation, great food, happy hour drink specials and a good vibe. If you stick to the over priced toll roads the drive across Mexico is...  To read more click here

Guatemala: Guatemala was one of the pleasant surprises of the trip. Before visiting it i didn't know a lot about the country, but there we definitely some great little towns and plenty of things to do, not to mention the fact that travel there is... To read more click here

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